Chatime Kiosk, Milton Keynes

Location: CMK Milton Keynes, UK

Area: 300 sq ft

Year: 2019

Status: Under construction

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SEP Design is proud to be working with new brands entering the UK market and helped to integrate this global franchise into the heavily dominated tea market.
Being part of a historic preserved landmark building, the renovated store has carefully considered thecentre:mk Grade II listed building original details and protected thoroughly while carrying the works.

With great caring for the environment we sourced materials and employed craftsmen on a local basis. Reclaimed elements have been incorporated into the design, in an attempt to maintain a low environmental impact where possible.

We also believe the presence of vegetation can improve physical and psychological health when incorporated into the built environment. Biophilic Design applies the principles that humans have an innate attraction to nature and that increasing our connection with natural elements through the spaces in which we inhabit, work or relax, can improve our cognitive functioning and general wellbeing.

We worked scrupulously throughout every stage of development with the client to create a warm, homely & ultimately welcoming environment, on trend with the UK market.