Stowe Golf club

Location: Stowe park, Stowe, UK

Area: 2600 sq ft

Year: 2018

Status: Planning

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We were invited to prepare designs for a golf club house and associated facilities on the outskirts of Buckingham in the historic setting of Stowe School landscaped garden. Every golf resort, big or small, requires a well-designed clubhouse equipped with function space and seating.

The main idea of the project has been to create the open and continuous space that can connect between inside and outside. The premises will be used by Club Members only therefore secluded from the main public.

The building has two facades and is noble and formal to the car park front with a more relaxed rear elevation siting low to the landscape. A fully glazed frontage takes advantage of day light and scenery. The Clubhouse is designed as a single storey low building to minimise impact on the surroundings, with the locker rooms, showers and toilets positioned in the core of the building and social areas of lounge, dining room and spike bar in front.

To mitigate climate change we should displace high-carbon materials such as cement and steel with wood where possible.

As part of this plan SEP Design wishes to make the new club house a sustainable building with a minimal CO2 footprint that can stand as a showcase of sustainability.

We introduced simple elements, such as CLT structure, the roof is partly covered with solar cells, all windows are triple layered thermo glass held by composite frames. To ensure that large windows did not incur excessive heat loss the ‘g’ value of the glazing was set to a relatively high figure.