Alma street

Location: Bedfordshire

Area: 4,650 sq ft

Year: 2018

Status: In construction

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The client purchased the property as part of a long term investment plan to substitute work income with rental income.

The site lies on the southern side of Alma Street and comprises a two storey pavement lined terraced office building with two storey back addition, all constructed in the early 1980’s. The main section was enclosed with a pitched and slated roof with delipidated back addition enclosed with a flat felt covered roof.

We’ve proposed an extension to the front and rear of the premises at first floor level. This is located on top of an existing two storey front original part of the building and at the rear, that is a later addition.

The property now provides 10no residential accommodations for professionals.

The client is also seeking to transform the appearance of the building exterior by introducing new roof line at the rear via gabled addition. All windows replaced with Georgian style windows and new cast stone lintels and sills via mould replica to match property style. Front and side doors will be replaced with classical six panel doors. Front door will have a matching pediment and decorative over door fanlight.